How To Crush Bad Moods With Kava Tinctures

Being in a funk is bad. It means you’re stuck in non-productive, nonplussed mental state that doesn’t feel good and doesn’t do much good for you.

Gettin’ funky, now—that’s awesome. That’s getting in your groove, getting in the right rhythm, and getting things done in style.

Going from funk to funky can be tough. The very nature of funks means you can’t see the way out and don’t even see the point of searching. You need something to break the cycle, kick you in the pants and get you going.

We’ve got your ticket to Funky Town right here.

Kava Kava Helps You Move It Move It

Anxiety, stress, and general restlessness—funk—can all be relieved with the leaves of the Kava Kava, a plant that grows throughout Polynesia and Indonesia. Typically brewed into a tea but also available in supplement form, this plant has at least 15 unique compounds (and is still being studied) that have been proven to activate certain nervous system receptors while inhibiting the uptake of stress-causing hormones, interrupting your funk so you can get back on track.

The best part is, it does its job while actually making your mind sharper. There are plenty of pharmaceuticals and other chemicals out there that can help reduce stress, get rid of anxiety, and make you feel less restless and more active, but they usually affect your mental clarity, too.

They make your thinking fuzzy, or they make you feel jittery, or they mess with your blood chemistry and/or nervous system in other ways that makes it hard for you to get truly productive and hard for you to enjoy your like.

Kava kava doesn’t do any of it. It keeps your mental clarity totally intact while getting rid of the funk, and it does it naturally.

Kava Kava Has Physical benefits, Too

Getting in the right mental state is great, and is the first step towards gettin’ down instead of being down. When you gotta have that funk, though, you need your body feelin’ good, too.

Kava kava’s anti-anxiety and anti-stress properties have also been shown to address stress-related muscle fatigue and pain, not only energizing the mind but limbering up the limbs. Soreness and aching joints, tight and cramped muscles, and the indistinct headaches and other pains that a funk often brings along can all find relief when you ingest some kava.

There’s a reason the kava kava plant has been used by indigenous populations since before their contact with the Western world, and a reason it’s started to catch on here at home, too. Science and anecdotal experience testifying to its benefits abound; have a sip or try a supplement and we’re willing to be you’ll be impressed, too.

Making Your Kava Drink

How To Make Kava Tea Using Kava Powder – This video walks you through all the steps of making your first cup of Kava tea from Kava Powder. It also includes the tools you’ll need.


How To Make A Kava Drink Using A Kava Tincture – In this video, he walks you through a super simple way of creating a drink using water, honey, and a Kava tincture.

We’ve purchased a Kava Tincture at our local Natural Food store. It has a very strong flavor. I would highly recommend mixing it with honey as the guy does in this video. An alternative we’ve tried, is to make a shot glass size of apple juice and mix in 10-20 drops of the Kava tincture which helps mask the Kava tincture taste.


How to Make Intoxicating Chocolate Coffee Kava – I haven’t tried this one yet, but when I searched for an easy how to video to include in this post this video showed up. After watching it – it just sounded so good that I couldn’t not include it in the list. I’ll update the post in the near future once I give this recipe a try.


If you’re not quick ready to dive in to ordering Kava in bulk. Hop in to your local grocery store and try Yogi Stress Relief Tea. This was the first type of Kava we tried before buying Kava Tinctures from our local Natural Food Store.

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