Hacking Your Brain Power: Why We Use Nootropics (And Maybe You Should Too)

There’s tons of supplements and energy drinks on the market that promise that you’ll experience enough energy to blast through your day at work, or handle all of your responsibilities at home. But, often, all of these leave you feeling jittery, unfocused, and not getting much of anything done.

Worse, they’re often loaded with chemicals and questionable stimulants that do nothing for your overall health, let alone your mental health.

You’ve probably purchased energy drinks that are designed to address your physical energy. What if you could purchase an energy drink that uses the science of nootropics in order to address your mental energy, focus, and your brain’s overall functioning?

You can finally do just that when you purchase TruBrain mental energy drink pouches.

What’s A Nootropic?

nootropic is either a prescription medication or a natural supplement that works in the brain’s frontal lobe to give you a sense of sharpness, and focus.

You might find that when you take a nootropic, you’ll be able to get more done in your day, because you’re able to either uptake or harness your brain’s energy resources. All of your mental cobwebs, sluggishness should vaporize, and your racing thoughts will come to a stand-still. You should also be able to enjoy clearer visualization, too. According to Nootriment.com

“This cognitive enhancer is designed for people who want to reap the benefits of several different nootropic supplements without having to purchase each one individually. It is ideal for anyone who just wants to use one supplement to maximize their cognitive enhancement benefits.

When you think about everything you’ll need to do at work and home, don’t you wish that you had the mental energy and the focus to get everything done, excellently? You can get on your way when you take advantage of the active nootropic elements that are found in TruBrain mental energy drink.

TruBrain was developed by UCLA neuroscientists who wanted to address the one gaping issue that most energy drinks overlook: Your mental function.

In addition, the team of neuroscientists led by Dr. Andrew Hill (and Dr. Aida Attar) wanted to create a beverage that was comprised of natural herbs and minerals that work with your body’s natural brain chemistry structure. TruBrain is formulated with:

  • Oxiracetam: Increases the amount of energy that the brain can consume during periods of increased energy consumption. It also increases your attention span and your cognitive processing.
  • Citicoline: Pairs well with oxiracetam to feed and sustain the focus and the energy that oxiracetam provides.
  • Caffeine: The caffeine sourced in TruBrain is derived from green tea leaves. Its what gives you a sense of alertness.
  • L-Theanine: This is also sourced from green tea leaves, and it naturally pairs with caffeine. The combination of l-theanine and caffeine will provide you with a sense of relaxation, and clear focus.
  • Magnesium: Sadly, most modern diets lack the daily supply of magnesium that you’ll need to support several of your body’s normal functions, such as blood pressure regulation, mood control, blood glucose control, and muscle and nerve function.Certainly, it’s a mineral you’ll need to include in your day to enjoy optimal mental function. Magnesium is very useful for reducing stress levels while giving you the natural ability to cope with stress better.
  • Tyrosine: This is an essential amino acid that your brain needs to produce neurotransmitters. It’s used to treat mental health conditions such as depression, attention deficit disorder, Alzheimer’s Disease, chronic fatigue, substance withdraw, ED, strokes, and loss of interest in sex.It’s useful in helping you to experience a renewed sense of vigilance.
  • Carnitine: This is an antioxidant that’s found in almost every cell in the body. It will work in your brain to stabilize your mood, and neutralize your energy levels.TruBrain Boost is the drink you’ll enjoy when you’re facing an especially busy or stressful day. In addition to all of the herbs and minerals that are contained in regular TruBrain drinks, TruBrain Boost also contains:
  • Uridine: Uridine helps your brain to produce RNA. This is the chemical that helps your brain to restore memories, and your brain requires a vast amount of RNA to do so. You’ll have an easier time with memory and cognition when you boost your RNA levels.
  • Centrophenoxine: This is similar to Citicoline, but it gets absorbed in your body more readily.
You could definitely invest a nice chunk of change into buying all of these supplements. But then, you’ll have to remember when to take each component, and you’ll have to remember which supplement best pairs with each other.

Do you really want to go through the trouble of trying to remember to take all of these? Do you want to have to carry a pouch of supplements with you to work? Or, would you rather drink a carefully-formulated, already made pouch that feeds your brain the exact dosage of energy and focus you’ll need to power through your day?

coffeeLet’s talk about other forms mental stimulation that you might be using to get through your day. If you’re not drinking a commercial energy drink, then chances are good that you’re counting on the number one energy drink in the world: Coffee.

From the moment you wake up until those last couple of hours at work, you’re downing coffee by the mug. But, have you ever thought about why you need to keep downing coffee? Has it ever occurred to you that the more coffee you drink, the more coffee you seem to need?

The reason lies in coffee’s chemistry limitations. Coffee in of itself isn’t designed to give your mind or your body energy. Sure, the caffeine and the sugar rush will get you going…for the moment. Then, after you crash within an hour or so, you’ll need another fix to get you going again.

And, coffee contains zero components that address common issues related to mental distress, like foggy headedness, confusion, memory loss, or anxiety. As a matter of fact, too much caffeine can make you experience more anxiety and forgetfulness, and most commercial energy drinks have the same affect on you.

In addition, your typical commercial energy drink also contains taurine, and then sugar – lots and lots of sugar (glucose, sucralose, and more sugar)!

If you’re ready to get off of the coffee and the commercial energy drink merry-go-round, and if you’re ready to experience mental clarity in addition to mental stimulation, then you can experience these when you click here to try TruBrain, now!

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