7 Natural Things That Make Blood Sugar Easier To Control


Glucose spikes and elevated glucose levels can wreak all kinds of havoc on your body. From sluggishness and light-headedness to serious diseases like Type 2 diabetes, inflammation, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.  If you’ve already been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes or have been told you’re pre-diabetic, controlling your blood sugar is especially important, but trying to do it through diet alone can be tough.blood sugar measuring

You don’t have to turn to pharmaceuticals with potentially serious side effects, and you don’t have to worry about ongoing problems with your glucose levels, either. There are natural ways to work with your body’s chemistry to keep your glucose levels lower and more steady, which can lead to lower levels of insulin, reduced inflammation, and an all-around healthier you.

Your blood sugar shouldn’t be hard to manage, and it shouldn’t take expensive drugs to keep it that way. Read on to learn about seven all-natural ingredients that have been proven to help control glucose levels, and how they might be able to help you take back control, too.


When glucose levels get too high or spike too often, you can develop insulin resistance. Insulin resistance leads to higher glucose levels, and thus a vicious cycle of deteriorating health begins. Taking magnesium supplements has been shown to lower rates of insulin resistance, helping to stave off Type 2 diabetes and maintain the body’s natural control and feedback loop when it comes to blood sugar levels.

Stop the cycle before it gets too far underway with magnesium, and you could be limiting your glucose levels before they become a problem—or regaining control if the problems have already started.

Magnesium Chloride

There are actually several forms of magnesium, and magnesium chloride—a naturally occurring salt that is readily available in supplement form—is particularly helpful and efficient when it comes to maintaining proper glucose levels. Not only does it provide the benefits of magnesium alone; magnesium chloride improves overall metabolism and digestion1 not just of glucose but of proteins as well—and proteins can also cause inflammation-causing insulin spikes.

By creating a more ideal environment during the digestive process, magnesium chloride can help reduce many gastric and stomach ailments too, giving your body the ideal environment to absorb helpful ingredients.

BiotinFoods designated "Diabetes Superfoods", because of their low glycemic index, and valuable nutrients. Includes: beans, leafy green vegetables, fish, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, citrus fruit, whole grains, nuts and seeds, berry fruit, and low-fat milk and yogurt.

Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7 and Vitamin H, is found in a variety of nuts, fruits, vegetables, and fish, and helps the body process glucose and metabolize proteins. High levels of biotin can lower blood sugar levels by keeping everything running efficiently instead of piling up. Your body doesn’t store biotin, though; it travels through the bloodstream and excess amounts are eliminated through the urine, so it needs to be ingested every day.

While dietary biotin is enough for many people, those struggling with their blood sugar levels might benefit from taking additional biotin supplements.


Zinc is needed to manufacture, secrete, and extend the use of insulin in your body, and is specifically responsible for the formation of insulin in the pancreas beta cells. While too much insulin can be a bad sign, the ability to maintain healthy amounts of insulin production is essential in controlling your glucose levels. Not only does zinc ensure there’s plenty of insulin around, it also helps to regulate insulin production2 so it doesn’t get out of control. It’s one element that can’t be ignored when it comes to blood sugar maintenance.

Zinc is also a proven antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals, which impair insulin signaling pathways and cause other damage in the body. Taking a zinc supplement can help with your glucose levels and promote overall good health—and that ain’t bad!


Recent studies have shown that chromium supplementation can help improve insulin’s performance in people with diabetes or who otherwise suffer from insulin resistance or low levels of insulin. It basically helps your body do a better job at what it already does, without any side effects—and it’s 100{689aa6ecc40f1f2c0ba687345254d406fc5a551d5a9ae4d2840519f4487717f6} natural.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic acid helps to amplify antioxidants—those free radical fighters that help keep insulin receptors intact, amongst other things—and teams with the B vitamin family to support energy production by burning glucose found in the bloodstream. This is exactly what’s supposed to happen with glucose, of course, but insulin resistance can lead to a bad glucose build up. Alpha lipoic acid supports sensitivity to insulin3 and can also help reduce nerve pain caused by diabetes or other inflammatory diseases like fibromyalgia.


Vanadium mimics insulin and can increase glucose uptake by the body’s cells—turning that blood sugar into the energy your body needs. This means lower glucose levels in the blood4 and possibly even in the liver, which can make for a far healthier and a far happier you. Technically a metal, this mineral is available as a supplement and should be taken in small amounts, but has the potential for helping to restore normal glucose levels when used appropriately.


You’ve seen the many ways these natural ingredients can help lower and regulate your blood glucose levels. Each is available in some form as a supplement, but collecting all of these individual ingredients would be an expensive and time consuming way to treat your blood glucose health. Separately, these supplements may cost as much as $130.00 for a thirty day supply, and can take you hours to find and purchase.

The good news? Glucoremedy combines these seven, all natural ingredients, backed by clinical studies, into an affordable formula that’s safe and effective. Plus, for a limited time, they’re running a buy 2 get one free special offer.

You’ve read the facts, now try the remedy—you have nothing to lose but your high blood sugar numbers. Click here to try Glucoremedy today.

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