5 Minute Fix to Lower Your Blood Pressure With These Ancient Remedies

Blood Heart CirculationIf you’re living a busy lifestyle with a stressful job, the likelihood of you developing high blood pressure is pretty common.

When the muscles in your body become overwhelmed with physical stress, they become tense and blood vessels contract, which causes high blood pressure.

What exactly is blood pressure, you ask? Blood pressure is the measure of force that blood is being pumped from the heart to the rest of the body. High blood pressure can lead to an overworked heart that may lead to heart attack and possibly a stroke.

You can maintain your blood pressure with prescriptions from doctors, but do you know what exactly you’re putting into your body when digesting pills prescribed by doctors? Many of them are made with harsh chemicals that may help with blood pressure but can lead to other harmful side effects.

The (only) good thing about high blood pressure is that it can be cured with natural remedies that are both cheaper and less harmful than a prescribed pill.

First, lets look at come contributing factors of high blood pressure. Too much salt, sugar, lack of protein, and no exercise can put you in a position where you will need to worry about your blood pressure. So right away, by fixing a few things, your blood pressure will drastically drop.

Keep in mind, if you are working out as a beginner, don’t push yourself by thinking the harder you work out the better the results. You will learn quite quickly that you need to start slow and find a comfortable routine that won’t lead to further problems with your body and heart.

Another quick tip to lower blood pressure is by pressure points. By stroking certain pressure points your body will calm itself down and be able to increase blood flow properly.

Pressure Point Trick

Start with two fingers and place them right where your jaw meets your earlobe, then gently stroke down to your collarbone. Repeat this process 10 times on each side of your neck.

The above mentioned pressure point is great for a 5 minute fix but if you’re interested in other pressure points, doing a bit of research will help you out a lot down the road.

You will find out that many pressure points can lead to lower stress levels, cures for anxiety, and some believe cure you of addiction. All of which can help you lower your blood pressure.

Lets say that pressure points aren’t something you’re big on. Don’t worry because there are some other natural remedies you can try before poking around on your body.


Yoga has been proven to lower blood pressure and relieves your body of stress. If you are just a beginner with yoga, never go out of your comfort zone because it can lead to joint pain, which will cause more stress on your body. So start slow and maybe do some research online for eases poses and stretches before you dive right in to your first class.

If your going to the do it yourself, at home route, this is a great yoga resource!


Here’s an easy one you can practice even in traffic (another stressful situation). Meditation doesn’t have to be closing your eyes and taking a journey into the unknown. It can be achieved just by doing easy breathing exercises.

A simple starter breathing technique is to breathe through your nose for 5 seconds and release the breathe from your mouth for 10 seconds. Repeat this step for about 5 minutes and you will be nice and calm. Be sure to use your diaphragm and not your chest in order to achieve proper breathing techniques.

Keeping it safe and simple

High blood pressure doesn’t have to be the end of enjoying anything in life. If anything, you can see it as a kick in the pants to go out and do more with your life. Every time you exercise, you are taking a step towards lowering your blood pressure.

5-Minute-Fix_Thumbail_Pinterest_NEWEach breathing technique you use you are achieving a better flowing body. And with each yoga class you sign up for, you have something to look forward to while beating high blood pressure.

Don’t let high blood pressure bring you down because you have the power to change your lifestyle and get active. Many seniors have been given the diagnoses of high blood pressure and beat it within a year by staying active and adding years to their life!

So go out and do something physical, your blood pressure will lower and your heart will thank you.

Have any other ancient remedies for low blood pressure? Did you tackle high blood pressure and now you have a new hobby? Let us know in the comments or find us on Facebook!