4 Brain Enhancing Supplements That Don’t Require A Prescription

d684a61baf55772d2211d8252a245864Have you been dragging behind lately on your focus levels and need an extra boost to finish those goals? With a little bit of research you’ll find out that there are many supplements out on the market but most of them need a prescription from a doctor.

So what’s your best solution to find the most effective brain enhancing supplements? Scroll below and allow your mind to be blown.

Alpha Focus

This high ranked brain supplement has been leading the way in its category for some time. Alpha Focus is specifically designed to boost memory, focus, and support a healthy brain function.

With clinically proven ingredients, Alpha Focus helps your brain naturally increases it’s potential and immediately improve brain function. Alpha Focus combines B vitamins and amino acids to give you the jump-start and boost of energy you need to start your day. It’s even been wildly reviewed to have no negative side-effects!

Cerebral Charge

 Are you the type of person that doesn’t like coffee but still needs an extra kick in the morning? Cerebral Charge is the only brain supplement on the market that provides 75mg of caffeine and amino acids to really get you going.

The ingredients in Cerebral Charge are perfect for users looking to enhance focus and mental capacity while simultaneously increasing energy and eliminating fatigue.

Cerebral Charge is one of the top brain enhancing supplements in the field and can be found easily online for less than $25 for a whole months supply, perfect for those needing a mental pick me up and are on a budget.

Cresceo-Supplement1Medix Select Cresceo

This super pill was designed as a bare-bones, no nonsense brain supplement for those worried about negative side effects.

Medix Select Cresceo has a list of transparent ingredients that everyone can recognize and enjoy putting into their system because all of the ingredients in Medix Select Cresceo are natural plant extracts.

Besides being completely made up of natural plant extracts, Medix Select Cresceo has a large library of clinical research to back up any and all claims, so no need to worry when you use this pill in the morning.

Though this pill comes with a higher price point (usually around $80) it comes with a money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product.

VitaZen CogniZen

VitaZen CogniZen is yet another bare-bones brain enhancement similar to Medix Select Cresceo except with the power of green tea to fuel your body to get your daily tasks done.

Not only does VitaZen CogniZen energize you the natural way, but it is also designed to increase focus and improve your memory retention so you’ll be on top of your game during those long and drawn out meetings during the day.

Vitazen Cognizen is mostly driven by natural caffeine so be sure to read all of the ingredients before testing out this product, but if you aren’t sensitive to ingredients like Ginko Biloba extract and Green Tree extract then this brain enhancing pill may be perfect for your morning routine.


No matter which pill you try out, our health experts agree that any of the listed brain enhancing supplements will kick your cranium into gear for the long week ahead of you.

It is important to remember to stop taking any supplement that gives you negative side effects, so remember to use these supplements wisely. Not all supplements are created equal, so if you find that one isn’t quite working, feel free to move down the list and give the next brain booster a try!

Do you have any supplements you’ve tried that should be added to the list? Find us on Facebook and let us know about it!