3 Lunch Hacks To Naturally Have More Energy

What you munch at lunch can be a boon to your afternoon

Everyone’s experienced that afternoon productivity slump. For some it’s accepted as a daily occurrence.

Caffeine is the go-to for millions of office-bound drones the world over, and it might help you keep your head from slumping over on your desk. When it comes to focused and productive energy, though, that fifth cup of joe is the wrong thing to pour down your misguided gullet.

We have the right stuff right here. Give your lunch a natural herbal boost and watch your afternoon productivity soar with real, focused energy—java jitters not included.

Reishi Mushrooms Fight Fatigue and Keep You Focused

Reishi Mushroom Tea

Here’s an excellent Reishi Mushroom Tea Recipe!

So this first one isn’t technically and herb, but these fungi—fresh or in supplement form—have been in use for centuries to keep fatigue at bay. In more recent times, research has uncovered the mechanism: reishi or lingzhi mushrooms contain triterpenes, also known as ganoderic acids, which are chemically similar to steroids naturally produced by the body (not the gonad-shrinking variety).

The result? You get a natural pick-me-up that works with your blood chemistry to keep your mind from wearing out and reduces stress. More energy, more focus, and there’s even evidence that reishi mushrooms have anti-carcinogenic effects—not a bad bonus!


Schisandra for Calm Performance and Productivity Boosting


Here are a few ways to use the Schizandra Berry.

Productive energy doesn’t mean frenetic leaps in activity levels—quite the opposite. Schisandra berries from the magnolia vine, called “five flavor fruit” in traditional Chinese medicine, help quiet extraneous activity in the central nervous system to boost the kind of energy you need for an afternoon of high-performance output.

It isn’t just ancient Eastern wisdom, either. Studies involving professional athletes have demonstrated Schisandra performance-boosting properties, and several of the unique compounds isolated from the berry’s extract are currently being studied for uses in a variety of fields.


Licorice Root to Kick Up Your Lax Afternoons

Don’t worry—we’re not telling you to run out and get a tub of red-dyed corn syrups twists. Real licorice, especially the root, contains glycyrrhizin alongside flavonoids and phenolics, which do more than give the root its natural sweetness and distinctive flavor. They also subtly stimulate adrenal hormone cascades, which are part of
the way your body converts calories into energy.

Take a bit of licorice in the early afternoon, and you can forestall the downward swing of the hormone cycle that typically occurs after meals.Store-bought licorice is out, but find the good stuff in dried or supplement form and keep yourself tuned-up and in high gear all afternoon.

Here’s an excellent video on a Licorice Root Tincture you can take regularly to reduce inflammation, help with digestion, and increase your energy levels.


Eating the right lunch is an essential first step towards keeping your afternoon focused and productive—avoiding junk and getting the nutrition you need is the most important effort you can make. Enhance that effort with the right knowledge and the right herbs and supplements, and you’ll be the productivity maven that all your coworkers and clients envy.

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