13 Magnesium Hacks That Cure Common Problems You Probably Didn’t Know About

Magnesium Rich FoodsAs you may know by now, magnesium is more than just a metal you learned about in chemistry class. Magnesium is essential to the human body and is actually necessary for the body to function properly. In fact, you probably have been ingesting magnesium without even knowing it because most health foods are packed with the helpful ingredient of magnesium!

Did you know that there are other uses for magnesium though? Be sure to keep on scrolling in order to see all of the benefits of this helpful element of Earth we call magnesium.

1. Maintains Muscle Function

Along with calcium, magnesium is essential for muscle growth. The two work hand in hand and help your muscles grow and relax during the recovery period. In fact, calcium is only absorbed into the muscles because of the hard work that magnesium does by allowing the muscles to absorb to calcium. You can think of magnesium as a bouncer at a hip club that only allows good elements in to help the muscles.

Magnesium also helps relax your muscles after a long workout. Without magnesium you could damage your muscles and not recover properly when you’re trying to bulk up.

2. Improves the Immune System

Your immune system allows your body to fight off infection when it tries to enter your system. Your immune system does a great job keeping you healthy but it can’t take all of the credit because your immune system has magnesium as a helpful sidekick.

Your body relies on a regular stream of magnesium to flow through the body in order to help regulate nutrients for your body. Not having magnesium in your body could affect your immune system and leave you open to infection and viruses.

3. Healthy Digestion

You want your digestive system working properly each day. With the simple intake of magnesium, you can ensure that the element will help absorb all the nutrients in your food and allow you to digest them easier because magnesium helps your metabolism work properly.

4. Detoxify

Detoxification of your cells is important because it helps you get rid of chemicals and toxins that you don’t need in your system. Magnesium increases the detoxification process by turning all of the food you eat into natural energy to help the body detoxify.

5. Maintains Healthy Bones

Same as your muscles, your bones have a need for calcium in order to keep them strong. Magnesium teams up with calcium by helping the absorption process when you have calcium in your body.

Magnesium supplements also help your teeth last into old age as well.

6. Helps Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes occurs in your body when your system can’t properly regulate the amount of sugar in your body. Magnesium helps you avoid diabetes by assisting with the regulation of sugar in your blood stream.

7. Lower Blood Pressure

To ensure that your heart beats regularly, your blood pressure must be kept at an optimal level. In order for your blood pressure to be maintained, your muscles must be able to contract and relax when blood flows through your veins and arteries.

Magnesium allows your muscles to relax and help your blood pressure to stay at a healthy rate.

8. Prevent Headaches

There is nothing worse than having a good day and then being surprised by a headache or migraine right in the middle of it. Magnesium has been said to have a significant effect on headaches by helping to stop them from happening in the first place.

That’s because magnesium helps your body relax and allows blood flow to regulate without tension. When your body’s system is relaxed, headaches subside and can possibly be reduced all together. Here is great magnesium rich, migraine fighting recipe! 02b1827490b628067e8fa04aa715a7a6

9. Cancer Preventative

Magnesium is by no means the cure for cancer but with just 100mg of magnesium a day, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that those who have the listed daily amount of magnesium may reduce their chances of developing cancer by 13{689aa6ecc40f1f2c0ba687345254d406fc5a551d5a9ae4d2840519f4487717f6}.

10. Fights Depression

As you know by now, magnesium has a huge impact on your body’s system and the brain is no exception. Magnesium helps increase the amount of serotonin produced by the brain. This chemical is responsible for happiness and keeping your hormones under control.

With the daily intake of magnesium, you are allowing your body to be healthy mentally and physically.

11. Fights Insomnia

Magnesium once again comes to the rescue by helping you sleep better at night. That’s because magnesium relaxes the muscles and the mind, making it easier for you to get comfortable at night and drift off to sleep.

12. Alkalizes the Body

Magnesium helps your body’s pH balance by reducing lactic acid that’s responsible for post exercise pain and muscle soreness. Lactic acid in your food can also slow you down throughout the day but magnesium reduces it in order to give you the energy you need from your food.

13. Fight Heart Attacks

With magnesium helping your blood flow properly, you avoid the risk of a sudden heart attack. Heart attacks often occur when your blood pressure is too high or when you are tense most of the time. Luckily, magnesium helps both of these situations and with the daily intake of magnesium you could fight the risk of a heart attack.

13_MagnesiumHacks_FB (1)Take It All In

By now you should know that magnesium is a necessary element to add to your body. It can be ingested through different foods like spinach or it can easily taken in supplement form each morning.

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