11 Reasons Why You Should Add Bromelain To Your Diet

What is Bromelain?

ChronYoungSci_2010_1_1_10_70468_u1Bromelain is an enzyme found in pineapple that has many people rushing to add it to their diet. With the use of alternative medicine, bromelain has been showing some healthy side effects that a lot of people find helpful.

So are the healthy results of bromelain?

Our health experts collected some data for you so you can know just why you should add bromelain to your diet starting today.

1.) Inflammation

If your nose is swelling or you’re experiencing sinus issues, bromelain can help ease your symptoms and get you back on track to an open nasal passage.

Bromelain has also been said to lower inflammation after surgery to lower the pain when dealing with scars and swelling that are fresh from being under knife.

2.) Muscle Relaxer

 Bromelain acts as a natural muscle relaxant and can aid those sore muscles after a long workout at the gym.The enzyme works with the muscle tissue and helps the muscles relax by adding more blood flow to the sore spots.

3.) Antibiotic Assistant

If you are prescribed antibiotics and you want some extra help the natural way, Bromelain works as a natural booster that helps the antibiotics absorb into the system. What better way to feel better than some natural enzymes flowing through your body?

4.) Fat Reducer

If you take bromelain with a workout schedule and diet, it will help burn fat faster. The enzyme works with your metabolism and helps burn calories quicker and easier.

When you take your daily bromelain and pair it with a workout, you are adding a super agent to your fat burning process. The enzyme is good for energy in the gym and helps you after your workouts like mentioned above.

5.) Cancer Preventative

 Bromelain has been said to prevent cancer and fight off negative cells that can turn into the nasty disease. The enzyme works in a natural way to cleanse the body and prevent disease from disrupting your system.

6.) Arthritis Helper

If you’re tired of taking pain medicine each day for your arthritis, some say that taking a healthy dose of bromelain could help your arthritis pain. The bromelain works its way into your system and helps the sore spots where your arthritis is annoying you.

7.) Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative Colitis affects many but having a daily intake of bromelain can calm the symptoms. Bromelain helps the digestive system and naturally relaxes the colon and tisuse to help those who are suffering from U.C.

8.) Improved Immunity

 It’s no surprise that bromelain helps your entire immune system. The amazing enzyme basically teams up with your immune system and fights off disease, allergies, and other internal problems that can arise in your system.

Bromelain can also be found in pineapples that contain a healthy dose of vitamin C which also helps your immune system.

9.) Better Blood Circulation

When you’re looking to add better circulation to your blood system, look no further than bromelain. With a steady dose of bromelain, the enzyme begins acting as a blood thinner to fight off fibrin. Fibrin is a protein that can cause clotting and block your blood stream. Bromelain fights back and assists in breaking down the nasty protein so you can have proper blood flow.

Bromelain has also been linked to improving breathing conditions like asthma. With better blood circulation, you can breathe easier and your body doesn’t have to work as hard to help the lungs.

10.) Healing Cold Sores

Bromelain has been reported to help heal cold sores right as they begin to start. Bromelein largely works with your immune system to speed up the healing process and makes sure to kick out any uninvited sores that have been giving you an issue.

11.) Anxiety

Mostly due to the fact that bromelain helps blood flow- bromelain can reduces anxiety in your system. Once bromelain has been added into your system, the nervous system is able to work better with proper blood flow. When your nervous system is working at it’s best, you are able to tackle stress easier and not give in to anxiety.

Is bromelain something you want to add to your diet?

HOLD ON (1)There are many results that show bromelain helping people’s bodies. However, scientists are still coming up with data to officially prove or disprove the fact that bromelain helps cure the body of ailments.

Always be sure to check with your doctor before starting a regiment of bromelain because some users have had allergic reactions to the natural enzyme.

If you don’t have any allergies to the enzyme, bromelain can help you throughout your day and become one of your best medicines to pair with other natural ways to help your body.

Have you tried bromelain lately? Do you use the enzyme for any other uses? Find us on facebook and let us know!